Swing Puzzle

Welcome to our Swing Puzzle game. Your mission is to find all hidden secrets and write their names in the box below the painting. The whole art contains 49 swing moves, jazz musicians, dances and maybe some Easter Eggs.

This game is completely free. We will be glad if you enjoy it as much as we did the creation process. If you want to leave us a small donation, you can do so via the Donate button at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much!

As we promised you can buy t-shirts with Swing Puzzle motives at our ESHOP.

! If you have problem with loading new painting, try to remove your browser cache or reload the page by CTRL + F5.

Here you can check picture from each day

Which secrets did you find?

Enter all the hidden secrets in the picture one by one. Don't try to guess in front, it won't let you :D

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Successfully decrypted secrets
0 / 49
and Easter Egg
0 / 1

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