Personal data processing

  1. You hereby confirm that pursuant to the provision of Article 101/2000 Sb. on Personal Data Protection, as amended, Zbyněk Nedoma (next only as Administrator), may process these personala data:
  • E-mail
  1. It is necessary to process E-mail for the purpose of registration to Swing Puzzle game. Email will be processed by the Administrator and kept for the length of one month.
  2. You give consent to the previously mentioned data processing. You can take back the consent whenever you want, by, e.g. sending email to
  3. Data processing is done by the Administrator.
  4. Keep in mind that according to the GDPR law, you are entitled to:
  • Take consent back
  • Demand to know which data is processed
  • Demand the explanation about Personal Data Processing
  • Demand the access to the Data, its Amendment and Correction
  • Demand the Data Elimination
  • In case of doubts about abiding by the Personal Data Processing conditions, you can turn to us or to the Office of Personal Data Protection